The Proof for Darwinian Evolution


Evolution vs. God — 2 Comments

  1. Not even a prof or major in biology can give EVEN ONE example of one species changing to another species. The fossil record also is silent. It takes great faith to believe in Darwinian evolution.

    • Evolution is based on missing links. Cosmology is based on Dark Energy and Dark Matter which means that about 96% of the visible universe is also missing from our viewpoint. Biologists can only find any use for less than 10% of our DNA. They dismiss the rest as junk DNA. Thus to scientists the value of more than 90% of our life giving DNA is missing. They dismiss most of the Bible as myths and opinions. Yet more than two thousand years ago it was prophesied that Israel would be scattered and finally return to their homeland. This is happening. Now people miss that Trump is bringing Scripture to pass. They do not like him as a person but miss what God is achieving through him. God used Cyrus, a pagan Persian, to send the Jews back to Israel. Gideon learned the truth of his mission from a dream and an interpretation that God gave to two heathens. So as a church we get obsessed with our personal likes and dislikes and we miss who God is using. Eventually we will discover that no nice guy had the guts to declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel, so God had to use a rough guy to stand up to world opinion. We humans are not very bright. We keep missing.

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